The revolutionary way to
sell your house


We have set out to reinvent life’s most important transaction with 3 new, radically simplified ways to sell your house. Our mission is to offer new beginnings to everyone’s real estate situation, and we’ve served hundreds of clients who have come to DiGiovanni Real Estate over the years to make those transitions easier. Whether it’s selling your home Rent to buy, stopping foreclosure, or any other situation, we help people find new beginnings in one simple, seamless transaction.

Many homeowners have sold their houses to us for many different reasons. Whatever your reason may be, you will have the opportunity to speak with a local real estate expert who is committed to treating you as if you were a member of our own family. Since 1965, we have had the privilege of calling the Seattle area our home. Since our inception, it has been our goal to foster a community of honesty and integrity. We put our people and clients ahead of profits. That’s why our motto is “Continuing a tradition of honesty and integrity.”

People are always asking us “What’s your secret?” “What makes DiGiovanni Real Estate so special?”

Well, it’s not just one thing, it’s ten. We believe the things that set us apart other than being a family-owned and operated business are the Core Values that guide everything we do. From the incredible teammates that join our team to the clients and communities we gratefully serve, our Core Values are the glue that binds us together and the foundation that our business is built on.

Each member of our team lives and breathes these core values every day. They are at the heart of our amazing team of people, and ultimately, those people are who make our business so special.

1. Always do the right thing. Since our inception, it has been our goal to foster a community of honesty and integrity. That’s why our motto is “Continuing a tradition of honesty and integrity.” Ask yourself these five questions: Is it right for the client? Is it right for the company? Is it ethical? Is it something you are willing to be held accountable for? Is it the right thing to do?

2. People over profits. We believe the primary secret to building a sustainable, successful business is building genuine relationships with our people and clients. When people are valued, they are motivated, and performance levels peak. Where people are valued, they will always do more than is expected. Where people are valued, they invest. Where people are treated like people – they anchor. We believe that relationships are the secret to creating a sustainable world that values honesty over deception, transparency over secrecy, authenticity over hype, and ultimately, people over profit.

3. Deliver excellence in everything we do. Passionately pursue excellence in everything you do. Deliver unprecedented service. Pay attention to the details. It’s the intangibles, like our client relationships, our caring service, and going above the call of duty, that differentiate us. Strive for competitive greatness by delivering excellence.

4. Enjoy the journey. Create fun – as a team, for our clients, and with our families. Remember, enthusiasm is contagious. Make it fun for our clients to work with us. Happy people make happy clients.

5. Embrace the family spirit. Take care of each other and our beautiful home. Work together as a team to deliver results that cannot be delivered alone. Always encourage and support one another. Be a friend to your teammates.

6. Build lasting relationships based on trust. Earn trust with each other, our clients, our vendors, and our community. Ensure our clients feel informed, confident, and appreciated. Be known for your character and integrity. Always put our clients’ interests first and treat our clients’ companies like they are our own. Be a long-term thinker. Remember there are no small relationships.

7. Pursue growth and learning. Applied knowledge is power. We are growing as a company when we grow as individuals. Look for opportunities to improve everything we do, including our own abilities. Continue to be thought leaders in our areas of expertise. We strive to have the smartest, best-trained people in the industry.

8. Generously give to others. Give to your teammates, your clients, and your community. Be willing to share information for the betterment of our team and ultimately for the best interest of our clients. Be charitable. Help others in need with open hearts and open minds.

9. Proactively communicate with everyone. 24/7. With our clients and our teammates, be proactive, not reactive. Treat every client as if they are our only client. Respond promptly and always communicate to our clients so they never have to ask you for an update. Work to resolve problems, not avoid them.

10. Be authentic, grateful, and humble. Be true to yourself and don’t forget where you came from. No matter the recognition or success you achieve, continue being you, stay grounded, and be humble. Be thankful for the success that you have and never take it for granted. Success is not an entitlement. You have to earn it every day.


Meet the founders and leadership team

Peter Chudecke
Co-founder & Chief Inspiration Officer

The man who started it all, Grandpa Pete's life-obsession was to make selling your house a simple, streamlined process. After serving in the Navy during WW2, Grandpa Pete originally started his first real estate company back in 1965 as a side business while a Battalion Chief at the Seattle Fire Department. He ran the day-to-day operations of the business as a side project along with his wife, Rita Chudecke, who handled the finances all the way up until his passing on July 7, 2018. Throughout this time, Grandpa Pete made sure to run the business with the same core values that were instilled in him during his humble beginnings on a farm in Superior, Wisconsin: doing the right thing, working hard, putting the client's needs first, building relationships, and getting the job done quickly and efficiently. He ran the company solely based on word of mouth without ever spending a single cent on marketing. However, over the last year of his life, Grandpa Pete's wishes were to bring our services to as many people and communities as possible. And thanks to the help of his immediate family, Grandpa Pete's wishes were brought to fruition when in December 2017, Grandpa Pete officially passed the baton to his grandson, Michael, when we officially branded ourselves as DiGiovanni Real Estate.

Rita Chudecke
Co-founder & Senior Advisor

Grandma Rita's aptitude for finance made her an invaluable addition to the team. She was an integral part when it came to all the behind the scenes work to make the business what it is today. She had a vision for the way real estate should work: anticipate and respond to the needs of our clients, and support the communities we serve. While other real estate businesses were focused on size and sales, her goal was to serve the communities where she lived and worked. She has since "retired" but is still called upon for finding ideal solutions to our clients' real estate situation. She enjoys spending time with her family and spoiling her beloved daughter and grandson's golden retriever, Lily. 

Carol DiGiovanni

As COO, Carol manages all of DiGiovanni Real Estate's day-to-day scheduling and operations on the side while a full-time hospice nurse at Evergreen Home Health & Hospice. "In the real estate industry, change is the one constant," says Carol DiGiovanni. "We're committed to creating change that provides our clients with the best experience possible based on their feedback. If we are reacting to the needs of our clients, we are already behind. We have an incredible team of collaborative leaders who work tirelessly to innovate so that we bring the most value possible to our clients, helping usher them into new opportunities for themselves and their families." When she's not selflessly serving her patients, family, and clients, you'll find Carol enjoying a glass of wine and family time with her wonderful husband, Frank, her son, Michael, and her Golden Retriever, Lily. "It's tremendously gratifying to selflessly serve my family, patients, and the communities that have blessed us with so much thanks to the Grace of God and a little hard work," she says.

Frank DiGiovanni
As CTO, Frank DiGiovanni is in charge of DiGiovanni Real Estate's technology strategies, innovation labs, developing platforms, creating solutions, and forming relationships with our clients. Frank is charged with disrupting traditional approaches to real estate - envisioning, building, and scaling next-generation tools and processes along with his son, Michael DiGiovanni.

An engineer since the age of 10, Frank has worked with Boeing as an aerospace engineer for the past 35 years along with fulfilling his duties as CTO at DiGiovanni Real Estate. A highly regarded engineering and technology expert, Frank is an invaluable asset when it comes to developing technology to streamline the process of house valuation to offer our clients the most ideal solutions possible. He is passionate about building new technologies for the DiGiovanni Real Estate team in order to change the client's experience when selling their house. Frank is constantly looking for ways to turn data into insights that add value to DiGiovanni Real Estate and the clients that we serve. When he is not working, Frank enjoy's spending time with his family, Bible study, watching movies, and old-time tv series such as The Twilight Zone, Laurel and Hardy, and Abbot and Costello.

Michael DiGiovanni
Co-founder & CEO

Michael eats, sleeps, and breathes real estate. All throughout his childhood, he was inspired and impassioned by his grandfather's love for serving people in the real estate industry. Ever since he was eight years old outsourcing "franchised" lemonade stands to the neighborhood kids and taking a cut of the profits at days end, he knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur. Thanks to the inspiration, guidance, and words of wisdom he gained from his grandparents over the years, the opportunity came to fruition when in December of 2017, Michael officially Co-founded DiGiovanni Real Estate to continue what his grandparents had started 52 years earlier. He was determined to revolutionize the way to sell a house by offering three streamlined, radically simplified processes based on the client's situation. With so many different situations, Michael believes that the process of selling a house shouldn't be lumped into a "one size fits all" approach, but customized to fit the client's individual situation. That's why he set out to pioneer and revolutionize the selling process by offering 3 categories with 3 simple steps in each category. Michael graduated from the Michael G. Foster School of Business at the University of Washington with a triple major in Finance, Entrepreneurship, and Sales in 2019.