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How DiGiovanni Real Estate helped snowbirds fly.

Most people wouldn’t say that selling their house was their favorite part of moving. Diana is the exception. She and her husband bought their first house in the Tri Cities as a vacation bungalow – a sunny escape from the cold of their native Newfoundland Canada.

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Bringing a family together under one roof.

After getting married, Christi and Bob had one more house than they needed. With Rob’s eleven-year-old daughter and their two dogs, it wasn’t exactly convenient for the newlyweds to shuffle people in and out for house showings.

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Making a small-town dream come true.

Debbie and her husband Isaiah were ready to give their kids a small-town life. After living in their Bellevue suburb for 9 years, her family was ready to move to a more tight-knit community. Of course, with demanding full-time jobs, three kids, and a dog, selling their current house felt like a pipe dream.

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